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Part 4 - things to have while you're away

1. phone numbers & codes. 2. emergencies.  3. embassies/consulates. 4. Travel APPS.  5.  Checklist downloads.

Researching and booking everything doesn’t stop there.   You also need to be prepared at your destination too.

The following tools will help you be prepared for just about anything.   While you’re on the road, at a sight, at your hotel, enjoying your trip. But also if you need something in an emergency.  What if something happens? What if you get caught in a pickle? Be prepared and stay one step ahead.

Have these tools, phone numbers and contact details at your disposal when you’re at the destination.

They’re the best ‘TRAVEL SURVIVAL KITS’ you can travel with.

1. Phones, Phone numbers & Dialing

Phone Numbers & Phones (Quick reference telephone & code kit)

There are so many phone choices when travelling: Hotel phones, mobile phone, rent a mobile phone, purchase a sim card at the destination, callback service, SMS texting, collect/reverse charge calls, prepaid phone cards, pay phones (street phones), VOIP.

These days though, most people use their smartphones. 

When dialling phone numbers around the world that have area codes always remember to drop the 0 – when phoning from overseas.  This is also the case with mobile phones – drop the 0 before the number.

Check it!

Travel with a Smartphone? Make sure it works overseas.

Telephone Codes

Every country has a telephone code.    The best site to check this is:
Country Code


Dial out codes / How-to dial out of this country to your home country

  1. Hotels usually have a dial-out code as well. For example,  the number 9 or 0.
  2. With phone cards, extra numbers need to be dialled and/or dialling codes and sequence may also be different.
  3. With area codes around the world, you need to drop the zero/s (0) when dialling from overseas.
  4. Mobile/cell phones To dial to a mobile/cell phone, drop the 0 when dialling the number from overseas.

To dial back to your home country from any country, or to call from country to country, the dialling sequence is:

IDD + country code + area code (if any) + telephone number

(IDD = International Direct Dial code)

OUR PICK If you want further detailed information on how to call from country to country, we highly recommend the website:

Remember that any telephone number and dial out code can change without notice.

(Also known as Cellphones / Handyphones / Handphones)

Almost all countries in the world use the MOBILE network.

Please note  Want to use your cellphone?  Don’t forget to make sure you activate your mobile telephone for international roaming before you leave home – if you intend to use it.  If you DON’T want to incur international roaming fees, make sure you turn it OFF.

DATA ROAMING – An important message:  Turn off data roaming on your mobile phone when you travel, to avoid any charges when web browsing online (on your phone).  That’s using the internet, email, MMS, web browsing and other data related services. Many travellers have been completely gazumped being totally unaware and are left with a hefty phone bill.  Just use WIFI at many locations when you’re travelling, like your accommodation most likely will have free WIFI.

👪  Especially be careful with the kids playing with your phone!

phone check

Check your mobile phone plan. Many telecommunications companies now offer international call and data plans when you travel overseas.

2.   Emergencies 

👪Be prepared for any situation

Note down your travel insurance assist phone number.
Put it in your smartphone.

Do you have Travel Insurance for you and the family?

You cannot afford to travel if you cannot afford travel insurance.  It’s as simple as that. Travel insurance companies can help in an emergency.  What if something happened while travelling, and you were liable to pay loads of money?

Haven’t got Travel Insurance?  Get a quote online:
World Nomads

NOTE DOWN your travel insurance phone contact number – on paper and in your smartphone.

Hospitals  Contact your travel insurance provider for recommendations and advice about hospitals in this country.

Emergency Phone Numbers (police/fire/medical)
Please note Many countries around the world will not have English speaking services. Also, remember that most travel insurance companies can assist you in an emergency.

Police, Ambulance/medical and Fire emergency services are in most countries.  Try the following websites to obtain this info:

Wikipedia Emergency page here  

Be Ready!

you can never be too prepared for an emergency.

Credit Cards / Lost & Stolen

Note down your credit card emergency assist phone number. Put it in your smartphone.

By clicking on the credit card websites below, you will be able to access the emergency telephone numbers, should your card be lost or stolen whilst you are overseas.  Report your lost or stolen card immediately. Please Note: Your bank will also provide their emergency phone numbers, depending on where you live in the world. Handy hint: Advise your credit card provider you’re travelling overseas so that they don’t suspect suspicious transactions and/or fraudulent transactions. They may cancel your card if you dont – while you’re travelling.

Emergency phone numbers will either be under the tab of LOST or STOLEN CARDS, EMERGENCY SERVICES, CUSTOMER SERVICE, CONTACT US, or WORLDWIDE PHONE NUMBERS, or something to that nature.  Just go to your location or country.

American Express
Diners Club

Cash Cards / information & Lost & Stolen

Note down your cash card emergency assist phone number.  Put it in your smartphone.

Handy Hints:  International, multi-currency travel cash cards are great to have when travelling for extended periods, and/or if you travel frequently.   BANKS provide their own versions too.   Report your lost or stolen cash card immediately.   

Travelex provides a very well known one of their own.

BE AWARE  Cash card companies dish out a lot of fees.  On one of our recent trips overseas, we encountered so many fees I really questioned whether it was worth getting one in the first place. Compare and research cards. Go on comparison sites.

Airline phone numbers (main carriers)

Note down your airline assist phone number. Put it in your smartphone.

Handy hint: Always reconfirm your flight for 2 reasons.  Airlines change schedules all the time.  Firstly, you check that your flight is confirmed, not cancelled and not overbooked; and secondly, to check for schedule changes. That way you gain complete control.

👪 Imagine checking in, only to realise that your flight had a time change, and you’ve either missed your flight, or the flight has been delayed for hours!

  • Sign up to airline email alerts
  • Or text alerts

Airline phone numbers are generally located in the Contact Us, or, Worldwide Offices, or, Worldwide Reservations area within the airline’s website below.  Which airline are you flying with?

be wise

Have a second card as a back up when travelling.

3.  Consulates, Embassies &
Consular Advice

Note down your consulate or embassy contact phone details. Put it in your smartphone.

Your consulate or embassy can also help in an emergency.

Consulates and Embassies
Note Your consulate may help whilst you are overseas if you are in serious need of assistance, or if it is a case of emergency. A common one is for lost and stolen passports. Top tip Register your details with your local consulate or embassy if you know the country is a security threat or poses a risk, is volatile, or is dangerous.  Also for longer stays, of say 12 months or more.

Refer to the following weblinks for access to your consulate or embassy anywhere around the world.




New Zealand

South Africa

United Kingdom

United States

👪 its paramount to have these contact details , in case your family needs it!


pop your consulate details on a card and in your smartphone.

4.  Travel Apps

Travel Apps are some of the most convenient travel tools available today.  Use them. Use them frequently. They will make your travel life much easier.

1. Google Maps – We know this is obvious.  But it’s the most powerful app on this list.  One great thing to note is that you can walk the city or area without the use of the wi-fi to use Google maps – many cases.  I’ve tried it myself. This can be very useful when trying to navigate around streets in unfamiliar territory. (Google Translate is also handy.

2. XE CURRENCY – The best, quickest money exchange app on the market.  Check how much you’re actually spending compared to your own ‘normal home currency’.

3. DUOLINGO – This is a language learning app, and it’s completely free too.  The app is a great way to get the basics of another language, other than your own.

4. YELP – Awesome app for local reviews of restaurants and day tours.  There are other reviews of non-travel related stuff too.

5. TRIPADVISOR – The largest travel website in the world has just about everything.  Hotels, tours, airfares, things to do and car hire.

6. TRIPIT – Organise your whole itinerary on this app.  Tripit pulls all the information from confirmation emails of flights, hotels, cars, transfers etc.  You just need to forward the emails to the app, and the program will do the rest.

7. UBER – Need a transfer?  Uber has revolutionised the cost-effective private car business model.  Available in a number of countries around the globe, Uber has cut the cost of taxi services worldwide. The app is superb.

8. AIRLINE APPS – What airline are you flying with?  Most major airlines have a travel app. Use them.  They VERY convenient for checking-in online, and getting your boarding pass.  Amongst other things.

9. LIVETREKKER – This app creates a journal of your travels so you can look back at the trips you’ve taken.

10. SPLITTR – This app helps you split bills and keeps track. Great when you’re travelling with friends and family!

5.  Travel Crusader Downloads

Download these amazing and free travel tools.   They will make your travel life a little easier.

Click here for the DESTINATION CHECKLIST pdf

Click here for the QUICK EMERGENCY SNAPSHOT pdf

Click here for the SUPER TRAVEL CHECKLIST pdf

Click here for the QUICK 5 POINT CHECKLIST

NEXT - Part 5 - After Your Trip

Some things to tidy up when you return from your trip.

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