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Part 5 -

Not much is done after your return home.  Besides being a little sad returning for your holiday (or none at all from your business trip) some light work is required when returning.


If you have had a travel vacc, you may need updating on your vaccinations.  Check with your doctor or clinic. Do you require a booster?


Compile all your travel receipts if you are claiming anything related to your travels for taxation.  This is if you can claim tax against your travel expenses.

Compile your photos.  Make digital albums. Print your photos!  Put them on the wall!

Credit Card
Check your credit card statements


    • check to see if your credit card statement matches the purchases you made overseas
    • check to see if there are any irregular or mysterious amounts, or any amounts you do not know of.
    • if so, someone may have fraudulently used your credit card.
    • inform your bank/and or credit card provider if this is the case and they will put a stop on your credit card.

Travel Diary/Blog
Is your travel diary or blog up to date?

Pay Bills
Do you need to pay any outstanding bills, while you were away?


One of the most satisfying and exciting things is to book your next trip very soon.  You have something to look forward to!

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