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When you make your booking, remember that your booking name must match your passport name – the name that appears in your passport.


IMPORTANT #1 Rule: Make sure you have at least 6 MONTHS VALIDITY from the date you return back to your home country. 


  • Always carry your passport with you.
  • Make photocopies of your passport. If you lose your passport, notify your embassy or consulate immediately.
  • Have some passport photos with you when travelling, just in case you lose your passport. How easy would it be to have a passport photo ready in a time of distress and anxiety?
  • If travelling with family, most countries require passports for children of ALL ages, including babies.
  • Your nationality may be able to get you another passport: it is called dual citizenship. (e.g. a European passport). Although dual passports can be great, they can also be hazardous.  If something serious happens and you need consular help, this can cause problems and confusion as to which country you want to seek help with.

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