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Packing List

Create a packing list.  Pack enough.  Pack for the weather at your destination.  Carry Light.  Bring documentation.  Dont forget your important devices – TravelCrusader

  • In recent years, new laws around the world have now taken place whereby you cannot carry liquids of more than 100ml/or/100grams onto an aircraft (as carry-on luggage). However, you can take liquids (legal substances, off course) over this amount, in your checked-in luggage. Check with the airline direct and government sites for airport baggage rules.
  • Packing can make or break your trip – just plan it carefully.
  • In general, the lighter the better – especially if you plan to do a bit of shopping whilst travelling.
  • Is everything you packed match the type of destination you are travelling to? Make sure what you pack is relevant to the climate of the destination. Pack clothing to suit the climate.
  • A travel alarm can be useful as hotels can forget to give you wake up calls.

Here’s a quick list of things you may forget to take, or not thought of:

  • adapter plugs (international convertible one for appliances)
  • address/contacts book (TRAVEL GURU!)
  • alarm (many travel alarms available on the market)
  • bags (extra fold-down-into-flat-small-size for a just in case)
  • batteries (if need be)
  • books or reading material
  • calculator (for converting currencies)
  • camera and all camera equipment – spare batteries, lenses, memory cards, film etc.
  • clothes line (pegless portable one)
  • condoms
  • diary / travel diary / notebook
  • driver’s licence – international
  • earplugs
  • eye mask
  • first aid kit
  • guide books
  • hairdryer
  • hat
  • insect repellent
  • laundry detergent (in a tube)
  • laxatives or any diarrhoea tablets/medication
  • maps
  • medication/prescription drugs (and doctor’s letter)
  • money belt wallet (for tickets, passport, money etc)
  • pens/pencils/highlighters
  • plastic/garbage bags for dirty clothing
  • phone cards
  • photocopies of important documents like passport, tickets etc
  • phrase books
  • post-it notes for guide book inserts
  • power point plugs (convertible international one, for electrical use, e.g. if you bring your own hairdryer)
  • raincoat (light)
  • shaver
  • shoe-laces (spare)
  • snaplock bags (excellent for dirty or wet clothes, shoes etc)
  • sticky tape
  • sunscreen
  • swiss army knife (but do not take on board as carry-on baggage)
  • telephone card (international)
  • tissues / wet tissues / wet ones
  • toilet paper (if need be)
  • torch (small travel size)
  • travel pillow for the plane
  • washing detergent (small/compact)
  • water bottle
  • extra for woman
  • tampons
  • the pill if need be

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