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Here are some handy travel tips for travelling with your luggage:

  • Never, ever leave your baggage unattended, anywhere!
  • Don’t forget, most airlines carry a limit on your luggage. Remember this and always check with your airline! Check also on-board luggage restrictions.  See below highlighted tip.
CRUSADER ALERT Very Important: Try to never pack valuable items in your checked-in luggage, or highly important stuff that you strictly require every day. Airlines lose luggage, it is a fact.  * For all important and valuable items, ALWAYS carry them with you as on-board luggage (e.g. medication).  Other items could be cameras/video, jewellery, computers and so on.  Remember if certain things are that valuable to you, don’t take them at all.


  • Think what’s best for you. A carry-on suitcase (cabin-size) is also an excellent option.
  • Always secure your luggage.
  • Lock your bags. Buy a good brand padlock for your luggage.  
  • Tag your bags – lots! Always label your luggage with identification.  
  • Tampertell is an Australian company which makes a keyless luggage lock. 
  • A company named Travel Sentry was established to set a standard of lock manufacturing to comply with the Transportation Security Administration in the US for unlocking and re-locking of luggage and bags. 
  • Travel light. 
  • Pack your knives, scissors, nail files or any sharp objects into your suitcase and NOT in your carry-on baggage (cabin baggage). You will only get it confiscated at the airport.


TRAVEL INSIDER When you check in your luggage at the airport check-in counter, the agent will always give you a sticker tag with a unique numerical code.  This code tracks your luggage anywhere in the world.  So, in the unfortunate event that your luggage gets lost, this number can track your luggage, no matter where the bag is.   Make sure you keep this number in a handy and safe place.


TRAVEL SECRET Weight v Pieces
How much luggage (how much weight) can I take on board an aircraft?  Well, this is determined by two things: which countries you’re flying to and from, and the airline you’re flying with.  Remember these 2 important factors. Then there is the ‘weight’ system or the ‘piece’ system (how many pieces of luggage you can take, but also with weight restrictions). Every airline has different rules and policies, and certain routings have different rules to others.  So, CHECK with the airline direct – phone them or check via their website.  That way, you’ll know how much you can pack.  It is important to note that low-cost carriers around the world usually offer a lower luggage allowance, while full-service carriers offer more.



New laws around the world have now taken place whereby you cannot carry liquids of more than 100ml or 100grams onto an aircraft (as carry-on luggage).  However, you can take liquids (legal substances, off course) over this amount, in your checked-in luggage.


Travel Crusaders!  Have an amazing travel tip to give about this subject?  Please advise below on any comments, photos, videos, reviews, recommendations or suggestions for this travel tip category.


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