Frequent Flyer Programs

Frequent Flyer Programs 

  • Join a frequent flyer membership if you plan to travel regularly.
  • Most ‘scheduled’ airlines (not any low-cost carriers) have a frequent flyer program.
  • It is especially worth it when you are travelling frequently, travelling long-haul and round-the-world routings.
  • Advise the travel agent or airline of your frequent flyer number.
Almost every airline in the world offers frequent flyer membership for free. Even if you think you may not travel frequently enough to utilize free flights, you can use them for extra luggage limits, preferred seating, upgrades and other great incentives.

Travel Crusader recommends checking out these websites:

Boarding Area

Flyer Talk

Frequent Flier

Upgrade Travel Better

Web Flyer

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TOP TIP Remember that most frequent flyer points with airlines have an expiration date.  Every airline differs.  Some expire after a year, while some expire after 5 years.  You may be working hard for that free flight only to discover that your points have expired!  Also, some airlines deduct frequent flyer points if you receive your printed statement via normal mail.  Best to have your statement emailed to you online with no charge.

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You can do so much with frequent flyer points !! Like booking free nights at hotels and having free weekends away! WINNING