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Dangerous Countries

Travelling to a dangerous country should not be taken lightly.  Here is a few things to consider:

  • Is the country you are travelling to a dangerous destination?
  • Be aware of countries which are total no-go zones, or countries unsafe to travel. There are many places to avoid in this world.
  • Be especially aware of the dangers involved within the country.
  • Make sure you have covered everything.
In addition to the Government & Foreign Affairs websites (see in this guide), another good website to check is:

Come Back Alive           
This is one of the best travel websites ever compiled for dangerous destinations.

Unfortunately, there are many countries in the world which have headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Dangerous countries are on just about every continent on the planet and to be aware of the dangers is paramount if you intend to visit one.

Tell two different people what a dangerous country is and no doubt you will get 2 different answers.

One thing that is important to note is that almost every country in the world poses as some sort of a risk to a traveller.

The problem with dangerous countries, or destinations with risky areas, is that many different organisations will give differing views of what is considered hazardous to a traveller.  This is the general problem that a traveller faces.

Generally, most organisations, government offices, travel associations and guide books conclude that the following issues and events that comprise a dangerous country include:

  • wars, or civil wars
  • military coups
  • major crime
  • terrorism
  • high level violence throughout country
  • banditry
  • car-jacking
  • political uprising
  • political unrest
  • civil unrest
  • violent protesting by the people
  • kidnapping

GURUTIP Again, always check your destination with foreign affairs websites and other sources before you get there.


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