Weather and Climates

Weather and Climates

5 easy tips and pointers to travel wiser:

  • Weather (climates) can determine when and where you take your holiday.
  • Especially, check WET and RAINY seasons for tropical or island destinations.
  • Are there cyclone/monsoonal/hurricane seasons where you’re going?
  • Check cold weather/winter seasons for countries you think are a concern. You can have a really bad holiday if you are not prepared for cold weather.  Or worse, you have to fork out extra money to pay for warm clothing at your destination, which can cost a small fortune! Make sure you have warm clothing, like jackets or even thermal underwear.
  • Nobody, not even the best weather guides, can truly and 100% predict future weather patterns. You could be in a dry season and it rains all day for the entire week.  You can be in a rainy season and the sun can be shining all week. 

Travel Crusader’s recommended sites and good sources of weather:






Accu Weather

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