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Airlines – General Travel Tips

Minimum Connecting Time (MCT) TRAVEL SAFE

This is another burning subject many travellers ask.  This simple fact is to make sure you allow enough time to connect flights, and then some more. It is a fact that flights are always delayed.  And airlines sometimes state ridiculous MCT that is totally not viable.  For example, how can 30 mins MCT be feasible as some airlines state?  Some points to consider are;

  • Will you be changing terminals? Sometimes it can take an hour just to go from terminal to terminal.  Many major airports around the world are HUGE and to many travellers this can be quite daunting.
  • Do you have to clear customs first? Add another hour or so!
  • Delays
  • Change of airline. It is wise to stick with the same airline (or partner airline alliance) as they will always compensate you if you miss your flight.  But if you’re going from one airline to another airline (with no alliance partnership whatsoever), and you miss your flight, you could suffer the consequences and may have to pay for another flight!

Always allow more time.  At LEAST 2 HOURS or 2½ HOURS minimum is recommended.   Many flights require more time.  In a perfect world all our flights will connect.   But this is not the case. 


What is the best seat in the house?

A note on airline seating. Phone the airline direct for seating configuration, so that you can have a comfortable seat.  For example, if there are 2 of you travelling, it would be good to be on an aircraft with 2-4-2, or 2-3-2 configuration, so you can sit ‘by-yourselves’ in the left or right-hand side of the plane.   Any good airline will book an allocated seat for you.  Also, the magnificent will help you get there.  SeatGuru is perhaps one of the best travel sites out there, giving you awesome and highly sort after information on the best possible seats on an airline.

When travelling, have the airline reference number (booking number) handy all the time. This is also known as the record locater.


Itinerary must have a matching ID!

At time of booking – make sure your name on the itinerary matches your passport or photo ID.  Mis-spellings are made by human error.  Airlines can refuse boarding if your name on the passport does not match the name booked in the system!


Airline Quality (OUR PICK)

Airline Technology


World Airline Awards

These sites are dedicated to the phobia that is flying in aircraft.


Freedom to Fly

For budget carriers

Massive website with heaps of travel information.

Travel Crusaders!  Have an amazing travel tip to give?  Please advise on any comments, photos, videos, reviews, recommendations or suggestions for this travel tip below.

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