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Tour Companies of the World - from A-Z

Here are the major tour companies of the world. One company below is sure to have the right sort of tour for you. These tours cater for just any genre.

Large Global Tour Companies

APT Tours
Another renowned Australian-based tour company with tours all round Australia and New Zealand and beyond – now all over the world.

Abercrombie & Kent
Leaders in upmarket tours and travel, all over the world. , ,

Extensive  ‘plan-your-own-itinerary’ bus transport system around Europe.  Perfect for travellers who do not want to go ‘on tour’ and be free to do whatever they like.  Great choice for independent minded travellers!

Legendary tours for 18-35 year olds only.  Touring Europe (3 types of tours in Europe), America, New Zealand and Australia.  Original and best for the young at heart!

CostSaver Tours
Part of the Travel Corporation.  Low cost tours.

Famous overland adventure tour company with tours all around the world including short, long and classic overland journeys.   Africa, Asia, India, Central & South America, Middle East.

Large and reputable adventure tour company.  Many parts of the world. Including classic overland tours. Africa, Asia, North/Central/South America, Europe & Antarctica.

Well known small group adventure tour company with an excellent program of off-the-beaten track tours around the world. Also classic overland tours. Africa, Asia, Middle East, North/Central/South America, India, Europe.

G Adventures
Adventure tour company all over of the world for the spirited and independently minded traveller.  Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, everywhere!

Globus & Cosmos
Fully escorted touring, both budget and first class tours.  Massive European program. Also America & Canada. Market is mainly for over 40’s.  /  /

Imaginative Traveller
Fantastic tour company with an amazing choice of Egypt tours (at least 10 different tour options), as well as other tours in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Brilliant fully escorted first class tours, mainly in Europe, but also in America & Canada.   Market is particularly for over 40’s.

Large and extensive adventure tour company with a great choice of tours in Asia, including  South East Asia, China, Indochina, Central Asia, India, Nepal. Great budget tours for those on limited spending.

Peregrine Adventures
Top quality adventure tours for South-East Asia, the Himalayas (excellent program of Nepal, India, Tibet & Bhutan), Africa, South America, Europe and Antarctica.

Scenic Tours
Upmarket touring and cruising worldwide.

Top Deck
Mainly European Tours, but now worldwide too!  For youth, 18-30 somethings.

The Travel Corporation
TTC owns and operates a large number of tour companies.  Check out their site here:

Trafalgar Tours
Huge and well reputed fully escorted tour company, especially in Europe.  One of the original and the best. First Class and budget tours on offer, mainly for over 40’s.  There is also a 21-38’s tour program for Europe. A massive selection of tours in Europe, but also tours in America, Canada and China.

Trek America
Specializes in adventure, camping, walking and lodge tours in America, Canada (& Alaska).

World Expeditions
Excellent adventure tours around the world Africa, Antarctica, America’s, Europe, Middle East, and including Nepal and Himalayas.  Australian based.   See also , part of the same company.

TC TIP – if you’re an independent traveller, don’t be ‘scared’ to go on a tour.  Pick a company that only allows small groups, of maybe up to 20 people maximum.

The rest.  Small, medium, large tour companies

AAT Kings

🏠 Based in NSW, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour – They have full day tours in every Australian city.

👉coach tours, short breaks, adventure tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  TTC, Treadright Foundation

One of the biggest and well known tour operators in Australia.


APT Touring

🏠 Based in Melbourne, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check out their 4WD adventures

👉coach tours, 4WD adventure tours, rail journeys, river cruises, culinary trips

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATAS, ABTA, Part of the APT travel group


Abercrombie & Kent

🏠 Based in offices worldwide – US, UK, and Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tours –  small group journeys, adventure & culture

👉small group trips, adventure tours, cultural tours, family tours, city breaks, safaris, special interest.

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  AITO, ABTA, IATA

Well established upmarket tour operator with loads of experience.


Acacia Tours

Great adventure tours in Africa.


Adventures Abroad

🏠 Based in Richmond, BC, Canada

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  their ‘Cultural Journeys’

👉small group tours, cultural tours, active tours, family tours, custom tours, cruises

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ACTA, ASTA, ATOL, IATA

Canadian tour company with a strong focus on unmatched small group experiences.

Very impressive and extensive list of countries they travel in.


Africa in Focus

🏠 Based in England

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  ‘Cape Flats to London’, ‘the Namibian Explorer’

👉photographic tours and expeditions, overland tours


Albatross Tours

Based in Brisbane, Australia

Small group touring around Europe, pride themselves on no additional optional extras

‘Tours designed for Australians and New Zealanders’


Amazing Destinations

🏠 Based in the UK and US

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  varied, check the site

👉fully customised tours

Tours in Latin America.  Detailed itineraries and good information.


AmeriCan Tours

Adventure tours in North America.  USA (including Alaska) and Canada.

And Beyond (&Beyond)

🏠 Based in South Africa and offices worldwide

🌟⭐Star Style of Tour –  their luxury safaris

👉safaris and bespoke tours, lodges and camps, expeditions

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  APTA, ATTA, SATOA, SATSA

Luxury eco/conservation safari company and lodging in Africa, with offices located in South Africa, UK, Europe and USA.


Andean Trails

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style of Tour Tour –  their active tours

👉adventure tours, active tours, wildlife tours, bike tours, trekking, family tours, multi-activity

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATOL

South America Travel Specialists.


Arcturus Expeditions

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any of their polar expeditions

👉polar expeditions, tours and voyages – both Antarctic and Arctic


Specialists in polar travel to Antarctica, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia and Spitsbergen.


American Round-Up

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  their working ranches

👉ranch holidays, tailor made trips – white water rafting, cattle/horse drives, ranch packages

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA

The company specialises in ranch holidays in the USA and Canada


Ancient World Tours

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉 historical touring, tours of the ancient world, independent and group tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA, ATOL

Specialists in World Heritage Travel.

Andante Travels

🏠 Based in UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉archaeological tours, art tours, history tours, food & culture

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTOT, AITO, ATOL, award winner

Specialists in historical and archaeological tours of the ancient world.


ATI Holidays

🏠 Based in Nambia, UK & US

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  all sorts of adventures

👉private tours, guided tours, self-drive tours, experimental travel, family tours, hiking/walking

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  APTA, TASA, ATTA, GCF

Self-drive and other tours in Southern Africa.


B.C. Archaeology

🏠 Based in NSW, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour – Ancient Egypt  

👉historical/archaeological touring, study tours of the ancient world, group tours


Visit places and go on tour with an archaeologist in Europe and North Africa.



🏠 Based in CA, USA

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any of their ‘classic’ cycling tours

👉cycling tours, walking and hiking tours, multi-sport tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Commitment to responsible travel.

A very reputable US based cycling tour company, but also specialises in other tours.


Backyard Travel

🏠 Based in Bangkok, Thailand

👉small group tours, family tours, cultural tours, walking tours, cycling, luxury tours

Press  Much has been mentioned about this company


Bhejane 4X4 Adventures

🏠 Based in South Africa

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉4WD tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  SATSA, SATIB, 4WD clubs

Guided 4X4 tours and safaris in Southern Africa.


🏠 Based in Chicago, USA

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site  

👉general sightseeing tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ASTA, ACTA, CLIA, NTA

Well known American based tour operator with over 50 years experience.


Cazenove & Loyd

🏠 Based in London, UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  customised trips and group tours, check the site

👉custom made luxury tours, small group tours, adventure tours, luxury safaris, honeymoons

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATOL, supporter of several charities

Luxury custom made tours and travel worldwide.


Chameleon Safaris

🏠 Based in Namibia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  their camping safaris

👉day tours, camping safaris, accommodated safaris, solo and family adventures

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATTA, TASA, SAYTC

A small company based in Namibia and providing 4WD safaris.


Chile Tours

🏠 Based in London, UK

👉general tours

Tours in Chile, but also Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina.



🏠 Based in Sydney, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  their ‘discoverer plus’ tours

👉youth 18-35 coach tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  part of the TTC group, Treadright

Legendary tour company that probably revolutionised the youth travel market.  Their European tours for youth 18-38 somethings have little competition.


Custom Safaris

🏠 Based in Bethesda, USA

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  specialises in custom African safaris

👉tailor made safaris, family safaris, photographic safaris, walking safaris, birding safaris

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Gives back to local communities

Also does overland trips Cape to Kenya.


Destinations & Adventures International

🏠 Based in CA, USA

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  specialises in private/custom trips – a multitude of journey types across the globe

👉private tours, family travel, walking safaris, adventure, active journeys, food & wine

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  CN Traveler lux mag multi award winner – more than 10 times.


Discover the World

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  their Northern Lights tours

👉escorted and independent tours, active tours, wildlife tours, polar tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA, ABTOT, AITO

Cold destination specialists. Very well known tour operator with trips worldwide, based in UK.


🏠 Based in the UK and Australia


👉classic truck overland tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTOT, AITO, ATOL

One of the original overland tour companies.  Well respected and well established.


Dragon Tours

🏠 Based in India

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any one of their trekking tours

👉trekking tours, jeep safaris, mountain expeditions

Tours in the north of India Himalaya/Western Himalayas.  



🏠 Based in offices worldwide

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉scientific expeditions, research expeditions, educational tours, scientific research

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other International environment charity.

A large variety of expeditions on offer.  Sustainable environment values are the core focus.


Exodus   |

🏠 Based in London, UK

🌟⭐Styles of Tours –  from guided group tours to premium tours

👉adventure tours, walking tours, cycling tours, family tours, culture tours, winter tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other ABTA, FTO, ATOL, multi award winner

Well known adventure travel company with over 40 years of experience in the field.

Expert Africa

🏠 Based in UK, but offices in US, Australia & NZ

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  their cultural experiences

👉birdwatching tours, diving, walking safaris, wildlife safaris, photography tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  AITO, ABTA, ATOL

UK based and well known African specialist.  A member of the Sunvil family.


Explore Worldwide  |

🏠 Based in London, UK

🌟⭐Styles of Tours –  from guided group tours to private and tailor made tours

👉adventure tours, wildlife tours, walking tours, cycling tours, family tours, culture tours, winter tours, rail journeys, polar trips

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other ATOL, AITO, ABTOT

Reputed adventure travel company running small group tours since 1981.


Explore INC

🏠 Based in Steamboat Springs, CO, USA

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  customised tours, check the site

👉private tours, luxury tours, wildlife tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other IATA, Safari Pros, CN Traveler magazine award winner.

This outfit knows how to do the luxury African safari.  Multi award winner with Conde Nast Traveler mag and Travel & Leisure mag.


Families Worldwide

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  their ‘cultural discovery’ tours

👉tours for families

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTOT, ATOL

Specialists in family adventure/activity tours around the globe.


Far Horizons

🏠 Based in Sydney, Australia

👉escorted tours FROM Australia

High end small group escorted tours that are off the beaten track.


First 48

🏠 Based in the UK

UK travel operator, tours and treks just about anywhere.

Free Tours by Foot

Free walking tours within American cities and European cities.


Free Tours Network

A collection of free tour operators on all continents.

Mainly walking tours of cities.


Free Walks Switzerland

🏠 Based in Switzerland

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  downtown walking tours

👉walking tours

Offers free walking tours in at least half a dozen cities in Switzerland, including Zurich, Bern and Geneva.


Free Spirit Touring

🏠 Based in Melbourne, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  South East Asia adventure

👉general tours



🏠 Based in Toronto, Canada

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site, virtually a star tour in every country they serve

👉adventure tours, small group tours, different tour styles including Classic, National Geographic Journeys, Active, YOLO, Marine, Rail, Family, Local Living, Private Groups

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Multi award winner, founder of Planeterra

G Adventure Tours

Based in Toronto, Canada.

G Adventures, the outfit formerly known as GAP Adventures), is perhaps the world’s leading adventure tour specialist.  You have to read founder Bruce Poon Tip’s story to make you realise and understand why this tour company is so special.  Their ‘Lifetime Deposit’ policy is an industry leader. One of the world’s best adventure companies.


Geckos Adventures
*** now part of Intrepid Travel ***

🏠 Based in Melbourne, Australia

🌟⭐Style of Touring –  small group travel for 18-29’s

👉youth adventure tours, small group tours, private group tours,

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  part of the Intrepid Group

GeoEx (Geographic Expeditions)

🏠 Based in the US

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉custom travel/tours, hiking trips, family trips, safaris, treks, multi-trips

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  multi award winner

Respected adventure company with a sustainable tourism approach. Well recommended.


Globus & Cosmos | |

🏠 Based in Sydney, Australia

🌟⭐Style/s of Touring –  Globus is more first class touring; Cosmos is more value-for-money touring

👉classic coach touring

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other part of the Globus family of brands


Grand Pacific Tours

🏠 Based in Victoria, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  16 Highlights of New Zealand Tour

👉coach tours of New Zealand, affordable coach tours, luxury coach tours

Tours in New Zealand



🏠 Based in offices worldwide / in Edinburgh, Scotland

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  Compass Buster

👉Backpacker/youth tours of Scotland, small coach touring

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  part of The Travel Corporation


Haivenu Vietnam

🏠 Based in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  Vietnam Sonata; Thailand Classic Sonata; Cambodia Explorer

👉general tours, classic tours, family holidays, special interest

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  VITA, ASTA, PATA

Local specialists in tours and travel to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.


Haiwei Trails

🏠 Based in Yunnan, China

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  Where the Road Meets the Sky Trek 14 Days

👉4WD tours, 4WD overland tours, trekking, trail tours, combo tours

Local operator for tours, treks and trails in China and Tibet.  Also 4WD overland tours.

Helen Wong’s Tours

🏠 Based in Sydney, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  China Odyssey

👉group tours, guided independent tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  CATO, IATA, award winner

A very reputable company that specialises in soft tours all around China.


Highland Explorer Tours

🏠 Based in Edinburgh, Scotland

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  Isle of Skye & the Highlands

👉one day tours, 3-6 day extended tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  part of the TTC, award winner

Tours of Scotland.


Hippo Creek Safaris

🏠 Based in NJ, USA

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  customised African safaris

👉tailor made African Safari tours, adventure, honeymoon, hiking, photography tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  multi award luxury mag winner


Imaginative Traveller

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Style of Touring –  from adventure tours to tailor made

👉adventure tours, small group tours, cycling tours, tailor made tours, discovery, expedition, family tours, food tours, overland tours, sailing, walkin g tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTOT, AITO, ATOL

An excellently laid out site. Great design.


Inside Japan Tours

🏠 Based in the UK, with offices in the US, Australia and Japan

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any of their small group tours

👉private tours, small group tours, self-guided adventures

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA, AITO, ABTOT, ATOL, ASTA, AFTA, ATAS

UK travel operator with specialist tours to Japan.

See also (part of the same company:

Inside Asia Tours

🏠 Based in the UK, with offices in the US, Australia and Japan

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any of their small group tours

👉private tours, small group tours, self-guided adventures

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA, AITO, ABTOT, ATOL, ASTA, AFTA, ATAS

UK travel operator with specialist tours to Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.


Intrepid Travel

🏠 Based in Melbourne, Australia

🌟⭐Style of Touring –  small group tours, a huge selection of tour themes available

👉adventure tours, cycling tours, family tours, food tours, overland tours, sailing, walking tours, wildlife tours, polar tours, expeditions, urban/day tours, astronomy tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  IATA, ATAS, ABTA, ATOL

Part of the Intrepid Group. Well known and respected tour company for small group adventures.


I – to – I (TEFL)

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  TEACH ENGLISH ABROAD

👉teaching English while travelling (TEFL)

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ODLQC

A large volunteer and conservation organisation but also has tours as well.


KE Adventure

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  any of the trekking, walking or discovery trips

👉walking tours, trekking tours, cycling tours, family tours, climbing, polar, wildlife tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA, AITO, ATOL, IATA, ATTA

Trekking, climbing and biking adventures worldwide.


KiWi Experience

🏠 Based in New Zealand

🌟⭐Style of Touring –  hop on/hop off bus passes that allow independent travel throughout NZ.  Guided bus travel.

👉coach/bus tours of New Zealand

More aimed at the youth market and backpackers.


Lightfoot Travel

🏠 Based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai

👉luxury small group tours, self drive tours, family tours

They do all over Asia, India, Middle East, Africa, Europe, North & South America, Caribbean

Even has tours by private jet, if you can afford it off course.

Lindblad Expeditions

🏠 Based in the US

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  small ship expedition cruising

👉small ship cruising, expedition cruising, small group tours, adventure tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other in conj. with National Geographic.

Small ship adventures to remote and wild areas of the earth.  Remote and breathtaking destinations.


Mad Venture

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  London to Sydney Overland

👉classic overland tours

True overland expeditions, from London-Sydney, and across North and South America.


Mad Venturer

🏠 Based in the UK & US

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉volunteering trips, charity adventures

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  registered UK charity

Expeditions, adventure trips, volunteering and other great adventures.


MIR Corporation

🏠 Based in Seattle, WA, USA

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  specialises in travel to Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Balkans and far-flung places!  (crossroads of Europe and Asia)

👉custom trips, private tours, small group tours, Trans-Siberian Rail

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Adventure Travel Association, ASTA, IATAN, multiple entries into National Geographic Magazine ‘Tours of a Lifetime’

Pioneering travel company who are experts in destinations to remote, obscure, isolated, difficult, challenging or controversial areas of the world.


Moose Travel Network

🏠 Based in Vancouver & Toronto, Canada

🌟⭐Style of Touring –  adventure bus tours for backpackers/independent travellers

👉bus adventure tours of Eastern and Western Canada

Aimed at the youth market.


Mountain Kingdoms

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  any of their walking or trekking tours

👉walking tours, trekking tours, family adventures, cycling tours, polar cruising, tailor made

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATOL, AITO, ABTOT

A Himalayan trekking and tours expert company.  Plus other destinations.

National Geographic Expeditions

🏠 Based in the US

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  any of their Land Expeditions

👉land expeditions, private/custom tours, small group tours, adventure tours, family trips

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  part of National Geographic

One of the most famous names in the world also offers great expeditions.


Natural World Safaris

🏠 Based in Brighton, UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  any of their ‘wildlife’ experiences

👉wildlife safaris, family safaris, marine trips, polar safaris, tailor made trips

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATOL, ABTOT

An adventure specialist company dedicated to wildlife experiences.  Great tours worldwide.


Nomad African Travel

🏠 Based in Zambia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –

👉 self guided tours, self drive tours, tailor made, small group tours, adventure tours

Guided and self-drive tours in Southern Africa.


Nordic Visitor  

Based in Iceland and Sweden.

Custom made tours all around Scandinavia.  Tailor made tours, active tours, dog-sledding, Fjords, self-guide tours, northern lights.


Oasis Overland

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  UK to Cairo Overland; London to Singapore; Quito to Quito

👉classic ‘overland’ tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTOT, ATOL, ATTA, AITO

Classic short and extended overland tours worldwide and adventure tours.


Odyssey Overland

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour – Cape Town To Cairo; Istanbul to Singapore; Trans South America

👉classic ‘overland’ tours

Epic, exploratory overland adventure tours.

On The Go Tours

🏠 Based in the UK and offices worldwide

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉guided group tours, tailor made trips, adventure trips

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATAS, AFTA, AITO

This tour company has plenty to offer.


Original Europe Tours

🏠 Based in Vienna

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  FREE tours in many European cities

👉walking tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Orginal Europe Tours


OZ Experience

🏠 Based in offices around Australia

🌟⭐Style of Touring –  flexible hop on/hop off bus passes that allow independent travel throughout in Australia.  Also short and extended mini coach tours..

👉bus/coach tours in Australia, tour packages, accommodation packages, sailing, city tours, adventure tours, and more.

Aimed at the youth market.


Quark Expeditions

🏠 Based in the US

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  CHECK THE SITE

👉polar tours and adventures

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Many awards and ‘firsts’.

Polar adventures to the Antarctic and the Arctic.


Passage to Africa

🏠 Based in South Africa

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉African Safaris, privately guided tours, independent tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other Heavily into conservation groups


Peregrine Adventures

🏠 Based in Melbourne, Australia

🌟⭐Style of Touring –  small group tours

👉adventure tours, private tours, day tours, polar tours, walking/trekking tours, wildlife tours, limited edition tours, gourmet tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  part of the Intrepid Foundation

Long established adventure tour company with a focus on responsible, ethical travel.


Rainbow Tours

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  their safari holidays

👉guided tours, safaris, family holidays, wildlife tours,

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA, ATOL, LATA, ATTA, AITO

Safaris and other holiday adventures in Africa and Indian Ocean.


REI Adventures

🏠 Based in the US

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  any of their adventures!

👉 adventure tours, climbing, cycling trips, hiking/trekking, wildlife safaris, cruising, family trips

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  part of the REI group.

US based tour operator.


Remote Africa

🏠 Based in Zambia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour – check the site

👉safaris, camps, private guided tours, cultural visits

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Members of ‘Classic Retreats’

Heads into awesome sights and sounds of Southern Africa.


Sahara Overland

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  Morocco Fly & Ride, Algeria Fly & Ride

👉overland tours

One guy leads tours across the Sahara.  Amazing adventures.


Sense of Africa

🏠 Based in Namibia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉 African tours and safaris

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  award winner

Specialist tour company specialising in tours to Southern Africa.


Steppes Travel

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  comprehensive tours and holidays worldwide

👉tailor-made trips, short breaks, family trips, safaris, polar, rail journeys, pioneering trips

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATOL, ATTA, LATA, IAATO, UKINBOUND member

UK based specialist operator with some great adventures worldwide.



🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉general tours and holidays

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA, ATOL, AITO

Well known UK tour operator


Sandeman’s New Europe

🏠 Based in Berlin, Germany

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉free tours, walking tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Part of the Sandeman’s New Europe group – with free tours in 18 cities



Based in the California, USA

Tours all over Scandinavia and Baltic Europe including Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland.  Also Antartica.


Scenic Tours

🏠 Based in Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tours –  their combined ‘tour & cruise’ options

👉luxury tours, luxury river cruising, luxury ocean cruising

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Multi award winner

Luxury, upmarket tour and cruise company.  Some of the finest on offer.


8 Seasons 4 Women

Based in Sweden (and Germany)

Providing tours in Lapland, Scandinavia.


Sun Leisure World

Based in Bangkok

Large scale tour company in Thailand with mainstream tours all over.


Taj Safaris

🏠 Based in India

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉wildlife safaris & lodges

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  joint venture with Taj/& Beyond

Luxury wildlife lodges and safaris in India, with a particular focus on tiger-watching.

The Inspired Traveller

🏠 Based in Victoria, Australia

Australian operator with a small, select group of tours.


The Leap

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  their volunteering projects

👉gap year travel breaks, volunteering projects, internships

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  N/A

Adventures for gap years, including volunteering and internships, or career breaks, with a focus towards sustainable tourism.


Top Deck

🏠 Based in London, United Kingdom

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  trips for 18-30 somethings

👉classic coach or mini-coach tours – either hostel, hotel, or camping style; sailing or ski tours


ABTA, ETOA, Sponsors and supports charities.  

Well established travel company aimed at the youth market.


Trafalgar Tours

🏠 Based in Sydney, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  Grand European, or, European Supreme tours

👉escorted coach tours, Trafalgar tours, Costsaver tours, cruise and rail combo tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other ABTA, ATOL, IATA, part of the TTC

Popular, mid-upmarket coach touring company.  Both Trafalgar and Costsaver products. Multi award winner.



🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉group tours, tailor-made, culinary tours, family holidays, soft adventures, wildlife tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTA, AITO, ATOL

Tailor-made trips and group tours to over 20 countries in Asia.


Travel and Trek

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any of their trekking adventures!

👉walking tours, trekking tours, private tours, small group tours, adventure tours

Family adventure treks

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATOL

Awesome treks worldwide!

Trek America

🏠 Based in the UK & Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check out their USA coast to coast tours

👉adventure tours, camping tours, ‘original tours’, ‘bolt tours’, ‘plus tours’, overland tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  member of Travelopia


Tucan Travel

🏠 Based in offices in London, Sydney, Cuzco and Toronto

🌟⭐Star/Style/Standout Tour –  Adventure!  check their site!

👉adventure tours, group tours for all ages, youth adventure tours for 20-30’s, tailor-made tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other AITO, ABTA, ATOL, ATAS, ACTA, ABTOT


Uncover the World

🏠 Based in Adelaide, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉private tours, small group tours, adventure tours, tailor-made, cultural tours


Undiscovered Destinations

🏠 Based in England, UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉 small group tours and holidays, private tours, tailor-made, adventure tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATOL, ABTA, AITO

Go to undiscovered, remote, isolated and hidden countries of the world.


VentureCo Worldwide

🏠 Based in England, UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any of their riding holidays

👉horse-riding trips, safaris, trekking, tailor-made

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATOL

Tours, horse-riding trips, and environmentally responsible travel worldwide.


Volcanoes Safaris

🏠 Based in Uganda, Rwanda, and UK, USA.

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  6 day Gahinga & Virunga Safari

👉safari tours, Gorilla tours, luxury lodges in Uganda and Rwanda


Specialist tour operator and safari company that goes into the heart of Africa; their specialty is viewing the famed mountain gorilla in Uganda and Rwanda.


World Expeditions

🏠 Based in Australia and offices worldwide

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  a plethora of adventure tours on offer, check the site

👉adventure tours, expeditions, 4WD tours, cycling tours, family tours, mountaineering, wildlife safaris, trekking tours, exploratory treks, rafting, walking tours, youth adventures, culinary tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATAS

See also, part of the same company.

Other brands include Sherpa Adventures, Tasmanian Expeditions, Adventure South, World Youth Adventures, Yomads, and Huma Charity Challenge.


Wild About Africa

🏠 Based in the UK & USA

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any of their wildlife safaris

👉wildlife safaris, family holidays, photographic holidays, luxury lodges and camps

Small group expert trips in Namibia, Botswana and Zambia.


Wilderness Safaris

🏠 Based in South Africa

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉wildlife and ‘wilderness’ safaris and camps

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  multi award winner

They go to remote areas in Africa, mainly Southern Africa.


Wild Frontiers

🏠 Based in London, UK

🌟⭐Star/style/Standout Tour –  any of their signature trips

👉group tours, signature trips, walking tours, family trips, cultural tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  Multi-award winner and top specialist accolades; ABTOT, AITO, ATOL,

These guys will take you to some out-of-the-way places.


Wildlife Worldwide

🏠 Based in the UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the comprehensive site

👉wildlife tours and safaris, tailor-made, small group holidays

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ABTOT, ATOL

Tailor made wildlife journeys around the world.  Big award-winning operator. Part of Walks Worldwide,Dive Worldwide, Schools Worldwide, and Families Worldwide.

Windows on the Wild

🏠 Based in London, UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉wildlife tours, soft adventure tours

Adventure, wildlife and scenery tours around the globe.   Great winter and polar itineraries including dog-sledding, polar bears, whales and wolves.  


Worldwide Quest

🏠 Based in Toronto, Canada

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  check the site

👉 group tours, cultural tours, private tours, expedition cruises, experimental travel

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  TICO, IATA

Offers nature, adventure and culture tours.


Urban adventures

Based in Melbourne, Australia  (part of Intrepid Travel)

STAR TOUR – Tuk tuk tour

Great adventure day tour company the world over


Wendy Wu Tours

🏠 Based in Sydney, Australia

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  over 20 destinations, check the site

👉group tours, classic tours, private tours, tailor-made tours

Member/Associations/Licence/Accreditation/Other  ATAS, IATA, several charities


With Locals

🏠 Based in the Netherlands

Private Tours with verified locals.

👉private tours, small group tours.

Operates in cities in Asia and Europe.  


Zuba Ski

🏠 Based in England, UK

🌟⭐Star/Standout Tour –  any of their group ski trips

👉ski trips, adventures and holidays, group ski trips, heliskiing, arctic boat skiing, family trips

Arctic and alpine adventures.

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