Temples & Pagodas

Temples & Pagodas


What better place on earth to see temples, than the magnificence of the Angkor Wat temple complex near Siem Reap.   Perhaps the best temple complex in the world.



The innumerable TEMPLES found all over the country will astonish, amaze and educate you like nowhere else.  The hieroglyphic scripts on the walls are astounding. 


Hong Kong

Although this much-loved city is famed many other things, the nation has a smattering of temples to boast about.



Come visit the greatest temple of them all, the Taj Mahal, amongst hundreds of others littering the country.



BOROBUDUR BUDDHIST MONUMENT: Borobudur is an amazing religious sight that is reputed to be the largest Buddhist monument in the world.   This centuries old monument is truly colossal and is an important shrine to Buddhist faithfuls  On top of a hill with various terraces, the shrine is full of Buddhist statues, cones, carvings and towers. The sight was built about the 9th century AD.



TEMPLES AND SHRINES: Many people would say this is one of the greatest highlights of any visit to Japan.  Almost every town and city has one, a great insight to the Japanese culture, and at the same time, a captivating religious and historic experience



Laos has many temples and monuments on offer, and best of all – crowd free including the Wat Phu temple, a mountain temple with picturesque mountain scenery.



Most packaged-holiday travellers to Malta don’t think twice about visiting a temple in Malta.  Let alone pre-historic ones.  Malta is home to the oldest temples on the planet!  The prehistoric and archaeological sites of Malta and Gozo are some of the oldest to be found on the planet; the Neolithic and Prehistoric remnants are Malta’s best kept secrets.  Some temples pre-date the Great Pyramids of Giza by about 1000 years; The Hypogeum, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, was an underground burial place in prehistoric times; Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Pre-historic Temples, date back thousands of years; Skorba and Ta-Hgrat Temples,  in the west of Malta, the Skorba Temples are amongst the oldest in the world; On Gozo, the Ggantija Prehistoric Temples – these remarkable temples are said to be the oldest free-standing stone structures in the world; dating back between 3600-3000 BC, they pre-date the Great Pyramids of Giza (in Egypt) by about 1000 years.



Some of the best and most spectacular Buddhist temples and shrines in Southeast Asia are found in Myanmar.  The capital and gateway of Yangon is famed for it’s Buddhist monuments including the Shwedagon Pagoda. Mandalay , an ancient royal city, also has it’s fair share of temples, shrines, monasteries and pagodas.  But the number one spot is BAGAN, Most important and historical area in the land, is famous for having an amazing amount of temples and pagodas, literally hundreds of them and centuries old.



Singapore is home to many temples, including Chinese and Indian temples found in Chinatown and Little India.


South Korea

Korea is famed for its temples, including T’ONGDOSA TEMPLE, one of the most impressive Buddhist temples in the country, north of Pusan.


Sri Lanka

Buddhist and Hindu Temples are found in many parts of the country and are also an intriguing look at the nation’s history, which is quite fascinating for a small country.



The country is littered with thousands of temples and ruins; TAINAN is Maybe the best-known temple site in southern Taiwan, Tainan is one of Taiwan’s greatest attractions; it is a temple odyssey; hundreds of beautiful temples dot the countryside surrounding Tainan, a captivating look at Taiwanese culture.



Thailand is not short on Buddhist temples;  Bangkok has over 400, but the rest of the country also has plenty on offer.



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