Great Deserts of the World

‘travel across a dry, hot land’


If seeing a famous desert is on the list of things to see, here are the greatest:



The Sahara Desert, Morrocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad (North Africa): the greatest desert on earth, too big to comprehend, best seen and most accessible from the town of Douz in Tunisia, this is one of the gateways of the Sahara Desert; and also from Morrocco); In Libya – AKUKUS MOUNTAINS: Some of the most spectacular Sahara Desert scenery in the world, there are also ancient rock paintings within the area. 


Kalahari Desert, Botswana


Sinai Desert, Egypt. Travel across the desert peninsula to visit the towns of Sharm El-Shiek, the laid back town of Dahab and try a climb up Mt Sinai. Tourism is on the increase here and a visit to Sinai will definitely not disappoint. St Katherine Monastery and Mt Sinai are west of Dahab.   St Katherine’s Monastery lies on the foot of Mt Sinai and Greek Orthodox monks live on this ancient place.  There is a chapel built near the site where God spoke to Moses from the burning bush.  


Tenere Desert,(Sahara) Niger

Isolated desert and mountain landscapes of remote beauty, near to Agadez. The Air Mountains are home to the highest peaks in Niger and is such an isolated Saharan part of the country.  Tuareg culture inhabits the region. The Tenere Desert is one of the more famous regions of the great Sahara Desert –  stunning desert scenery and never-ending sand dunes make up the picture.


Namib Desert, Namibia.  Some of the most breathtaking desert scenery in the world.  Highest and largest sand dunes in the world at the Namib-Naukluft National Park. This is the biggest attraction in Namibia!!


Middle East


Wadi Rum, Some of the best and most breathtaking desert landscape scenery to be found in the Middle East;


United Arab Emirates

The desert landscape of the UAE is also in many parts breathtaking and different to the life lived on the coast; something to consider as a day trip from the coast; the spectacular interior boasts magnificent mountains and sand dunes, green oases and traditional villages.



Eastern Yemen is a vast area of mountains, desert and empty landscapes.



Gobi Desert, Mongolia.  Mongolia’s most famous but vast and isolated natural attraction is the Gobi Desert.   The desert is home to mountains, sand dunes and a unique land of wildlife, including the rare Gobi Bear. Extreme conditions and climates combine to create a harsh environment.  Tours will touch on parts of this great desert, be sure to have it included in your itinerary. 

Thar Desert, India



Almerian Desert, Spain


North America

Desert Landscapes, Nevada, USA (accessible from Las Vegas)

Mohave Desert, USA

Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah, USA. One of the most famous desert landscapes in North America, Monument Valley was seen on many Western-genre films and travel brochures.  An incredible landscape of sandstone butts and rock pinnacles, this is definitely a great attraction of the state, if not the US.  The area is vast and red-earthed.  You have to see it to believe it! 

Sonoran Desert, USA


Australia – has at least 6 massive deserts, including the Simpson Desert and Great Victoria Desert.

Great Sandy, Great Victoria, Gibson, Simpson, Tanami, Sturt Stony Deserts


South America

Atacama Desert, Chile.  The driest place on earth!! Some bird species come here to nest mysteriously in this desolate and isolated area.


They don’t call it the greatest desert on earth for nothing:  The Sahara Desert is often described as an ‘ocean of sand’.







NAMIB DESERT and SAND DUNES: Some of the most breathtaking desert scenery in the world; highest and largest sand dunes in the world – some up to 300m high –  at the 50,000 sq km Namib-Naukluft National Park



KHOR AL-ADAID: Amazing sand dunes and desert landscapes, probably the greatest highlight of the country, only 4WD access, go on a tour.     


United Arab Emirates – visit sand dunes close to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Australia – Fraser Island

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