Cities – Great Cities of the World

‘The big smoke’

Go to at least 5 in your lifetime!!



Cairo: The mother of all cities, access to the Pyramids.

Cape Town: Magnificent backdrop of Table Mountain.

Rabat, Fes, Meknes and Marrakesh are known as imperial cities, having been capitals of the country in past times. World Heritage Listed gems.


Middle East

Beirut:  A city back from the brink, enjoys a Mediterranean location.

Dubai: Growing phenomenally, fast paced, miles of golden sand, the best hotels.



Bangkok: Big, noisy, polluted, but will excite & thrill.

Kuala Lumpur: Known as KL, capital of Malaysia.

Singapore: Clean, neat and tidy westernised city.

Hong Kong: Most stunning harbour city in Asia.

Tokyo: Fast, hectic, sprawling, modern and mad.

Seoul: Extremely modern city of northeast Asia.

Beijing: Main access to the ‘Wall’, and Forbidden City.

Shanghai: One of the fastest growing cities on the planet.

Delhi: Insane and chaotic, new and old city of India.

Bombay: Undoubtedly the number one gateway to India.


Central Asia

Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva (UKBEKISTAN), all of which are renowned to have the best and most fascinating Islamic architecture to be found in Central Asia and on the UNESCO World Heritage List.



London: Greatest city on earth, crossroads of the world.

Edinburgh: The ‘Castle’ is the best backdrop a city can have.

Paris: Love, romance, museums, that Eiffel Tower!

Madrid:  A wealth of attractions, the ‘Prado’ is the best.

Barcelona: Most loved city in Spain, see the ‘Sagrada Familia’.

Granada: Made famous for the Moorish palace fortress of Alhambra,

Lisbon: Portugal’s maritime capital is a mosaic wonder.

Rome: The Colesseum is a world spectacle and The Vatican – unforgettable.

Venice: One of the most unique cities on earth.

Berlin:  Capital of Germany, fast becoming popular.

Brussels: The Grand Place, one of the best squares in Europe.

Amsterdam: Canals & waterways, the Van Gogh Musuem!

Zurich: Financial powerhouse of Switzerland.

Prague:  Most architecturally splendid Eastern European city.

Bratislava: Glorious architecture of Baroque and renaissance adorns this capital.

Ljubljana: On the Ljubljanica River, Old Town, Cathedral, castle and Roman Walls.

Warsaw: Totally rebuilt city after WWII is a spendour.

Krakow: World Heritage Listed marvel of Poland.

Budapest: Capital of Hungary, Eastern European gem.

Athens: I would travel here just to see the ‘Acropolis’.

Istanbul: The Turkish capital sits between Europe and Asia.

Moscow: The Kremlin, Red Square and St Basils.

St Petersberg: Some of the best architecture in Russia, The Hermitage Museum!

Stockholm: Sweden’s city of islands.

Copenhagen: The closely crammed buildings, squares, statues and fountains

Riga: A Latvian beauty of fine architectural buildings.

Tallinn: The capital has Dane, Russian and German influence.

Vilnius: Baltic capital is famous for its baroque architecture.

Vienna: The city is famed for its historical area, the Innere Stadt

Salzburg: One of the prettiest cities in Europe

Sofia: Some of the best architectural buildings in Eastern Europe

Kiev: Visit Kiev Monastery – its amazing catacombs and caves, a site not to be missed.

Lviv: Magnificent architecture, the next best thing to happen in Eastern Europe.


North America

Toronto: Largest city in Canada, go up that CN Tower.

Vancouver: Most pleasurable Pacific Coast city.

San Francisco: The Golden Gate, Alcatraz and those windy streets.

Los Angeles: You either love or hate it, but unforgettable.

Las Vegas: Neon, casinos, money, in the middle of nowhere!!

Chicago: Big, bold and beautiful, on the Great Lakes.

Boston: A lovely city that will surprise.

New York: Truly one of the greatest cities on the planet.

Washington: The capital of the world?

Mexico City: About 20 million people, full of sights.


South America

Rio de Janeiro: Beaches, the Statue of Christ & Carnival!

Buenos Aires: Sprawling city of 11 million people.

Santiago: Sits between mountains of Chile.



Sydney: One of the greatest harbour cities on earth.

Melbourne:  World’s Most Liveable City, again and again!!

Auckland:  The City of Sails is also a harbour city.



3 awesome harbour cities:

hong kong





The cities: Cities are nothing but exciting, thrilling and historical.


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