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Travel Comparison Sites

The Complete Guide
Compare many travel products online, from airfares, to hotels, to cars.

Save money every time you book by comparison thousands of travel products online.

Top Airfare & Complete Comparison Sites

Compare an astonishing amount of flights online. Its quick,  and adds the prices, no matter how many people you have.  One of the best on the web.  Skyscanner will direct you to the relevant booking sites, whether it be an airline direct, or an online travel agency.


You can also unlock hotel and car hire comparisons.

The comparison site with the lot – air, hotels, cars and deals.  However its most powerful for flights.  One of the originals and the best.

Flight Deals!

Check out their 'flight deals' section from your home city or country. They also do hotel and car deals.

‘Find and compare cheap flights’ is their motto.   Momondo has a nice look and feel to the site.  Another major player in the flight comparison market.  Super quick!

check it out!

Read the latest travel inspiration section to find out the latest expert hacks and travel tips.

Airfare Watchdog
Looks great. Really quick.  Some excellent and cool looking features, Airfare Watchdog has been around for a while.  We love their bold lines and easy-to-use features.

more than airfares

Check out their other comparison info includes hotels and credit cards. Their travel blog is also very interesting.

Fare Compare
Big, bold, beautiful, Fare Compare does exactly what it says:  searches and compares flights so you can save.

Hot Tip

There are some great tips, advice, deals and blog info on the site too! Sign up!

Compares flights, hotels, cars and deals!  Nice look and feel to the site.  Even does business trips easier and better with Concur Hipmunk.

Travel Supermarket
More UK-centric but does the job.  Taps into Kayak.


Live in the UK? Great holiday deals to be found here.

Hotel Comparison Sites

Hotels Combined.
Powerful.  Easy to use.  Super fast.  Hotels Combined is a hotel comparison site that does the lot.  Fantastic search results to a number of hotel booking channels.

Save on your hotel -


Click on the link below to discover the latest deals, and most importantly, to SAVE YOU MONEY!

Trivago’s impressive site is a major player in the online world.  Also comparing thousands of hotels, and with reviews.  Clean, white, non-nonsense layout.


Take a look at the Trivago Magazine for some ideas.

Heard of TripAdvisor?  Off course you have!   People either love or loathe it.   Either way you cant deny its power.   The largest travel site in the world just gets bigger and bigger.  The hotel comparison technology is also fantastic.

The Lot!

TripAdvisor really is one of the most powerful travel sites in the world. Use it to your full potential.

Car Hire Comparison Sites

Discover Car Hire
No booking fees, no hidden costs as they suggest in their ‘one-liner’.  Quick and very easy to use.


Sign up to their newsletter and get great tips and country guides.

Rental Cars
Part of the empire, Rental Cars does what it does best – compares and searches car hire worldwide.


You can even book by phone, and they have an online 'chat now' function!

Vroom Vroom Vroom
Funny name, great rates.  Formed in 2001, Vroom have been a major player in the online car comparison market.  One of the originals!


They also have an RV rental booking service!

And finally, there is Google.

Travellers may not know it, but Google also has dived into the juggernaut that is travel.  You can now search and compare flights and Hotels:



Need flights?  See the booking Flights Only page.
Need a Hotel?  See our booking Hotels Only page.
Need a Car? See our booking Cars Only page.
And our Tours Only page.

Travel Crusaders!  Do you have an amazing tip about these travel booking sites, or any other booking site?  Please advise on any comments, photos, videos, reviews, recommendations or suggestions for this topic.

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