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Booking Sites & Travel Deals - Travel Crusader Guide
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Booking Sites & Travel Deals

In the following pages, you will discover options for planning and booking your travel.  Sites that can save you thousands on your next journey.

Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) & Booking Sites


Booking online….most people of done it sometime in their travel life.  

A lot has changed over the years – over the ‘travel’ years.  Once upon a time you needed to go into a travel agency and book the lot.  Leaving you to put your hard-earned dollars to a great and trustworthy travel agent.

You can also book the lot through various travel websites and have every booking tool available.

5 top tips when booking any travel online

1. Are they licensed?

When booking via an online travel provider, make sure they are licenced.  Any good online travel agent (with nothing to hide) is going to have a travel agent licence.  If they have no licence, then go somewhere else.  This doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong if they’re licensed either.

2. You may be directed to another site.

Many comparison sites – and travel sites in general – divert to other booking sites, and so on, when you actually ‘click on the deal’.   For example, you may research flights on Skyscanner for the best deals, then it may take you to the actual airline site, or another online travel agent.

3. Contact Details

Check whether they have a telephone service/customer care service phone number. This is so that if you have any questions or queries, you can call them at any time. THIS IS IMPERATIVE.   If they don’t have a telephone number, then they’re obviously hiding something

4.  Online V Direct – booking online is not always going to be the cheapest

Going online is not always the cheapest.  Sometimes going direct to the source (the supplier of whatever it is that you’re booking) can be cheaper overall.  

5. FIRST TIME USERS & a little warning

If you’re a first time user, or have not experimented well with online bookings, make sure you get a good feel of the system before you make the final purchase.  And remember, only to click once at the final end when you press ‘confirm’.

THE BIG 2 Online Travel Agents

Booking and comparison sites

If you use any of these sites, you can’t go wrong.  You could located anywhere in the world, any of these sites will help achieve your travel dreams!

1. Booking Holdings www.bookingholdings.com

6 major travel booking sites

Their Brands:

Booking.com   www.booking.com
One of the best and largest accommodation booking sites on the planet. Easy to use, easy to read, easy to navigate.  Perhaps the world’s leading booking site.

Priceline  www.priceline.com
Great and amazing travel deals on a daily basis.

Kayak www.kayak.com (comparison site)
One of the original comparison sites for flights and hotels.  Great layout.  And easy to use.

Agoda www.agoda.com
Massive online accommodation site.   Thousands of hotels at your fingertips.

Rental Cars www.rentalcars.com
Rental cars compares car rental companies around the world.  From small to large companies.  Bills itself as the largest.

Open Table www.opentable.com
Online restaurant reservations and reviews.

2.   Expedia Group  www.expediagroup.com

Expedia is the largest travel company now on the planet.   Here are the travel sites to book:

10 major travel booking sites.

Expedia www.expedia.com
Biggest travel site with the lost.  Enough said. Flights, accommodation, car hire, packages.

Just as the name suggests.  Thousands of hotels on inventory.  Great layout. Beautiful design.

Egencia www.egencia.com
Business Travel.

HomeAway www.homeaway.com
Private accommodation around the world, includes houses, homes, apartments, villas, cabins, condos and more.

Trivago www.trivago.com (comparison site)
Online comparison site for thousands of hotels.

Orbitz www.orbitz.com
Huge online all-round travel site, one of the original huge travel sites.  Flight, car, hotel, cruises and packages on offer.  Look out for their Orbitz Rewards!

Travelocity www.travelocity.com
One of the original all-round online travel agents founded back in ‘96.  Acquired by Expedia.

Hotwire www.hotwire.com
Another original site acquired by Expedia.

Wotif www.wotif.com
Massive travel brand originated in Australia.   Plenty of accommodation on offer, alongside all the other travel stuff.

Expedia Local Expert

The Rest

  1. Trip.com


  1. Opodo



  1. Cheap Flights




  1. eBookers



  1. Flight Centre


  1. Last Minute


  1. American Express


  1. Travel.com


Oldest travel site on the planet.  Still surviving. Doesn’t look pretty but it does the job.

  1. Webjet


One of Australia’s most popular booking sites.

COMPARISON SITES & Travel Search Engines.

Compare prices on flights, hotels and car



Okay, so we all know that TripAdvisor is a juggernaut, and perhaps the largest travel site on the planet.  In recent times they’ve turned ‘travel agent’ and because a hotel comparison site. Oh, and off course they do hotel reviews too 🙂

So, to recap the comparison sites – which research and extract the best deals from a number of booking sites:



Famous mainly for comparing flights, but also hotels and car hire



The comparison site with the lot – air, hotels, cars and deals. One of the originals and the best


Momondo has also been around for a while – flights, hotels and car hire all on the one site.

Travel Supermarket


The lot, flights, hotels, car hire.


The lot (although this is not the best and user friendly as the others – AND probably the most outdated.


Google now compares flights and hotels.   



Hotels Comparison Sites Only

Trivago – hotels only


Awesome, simple layout and so easy to use.

Hotels Combined – hotels only


Also very easy to use, one of the best.

Save on your hotel - hotelscombined.com

Car Hire Comparison Sites ONLY

Discover Car Hire


Rental Cars – compare car rentals


Part of the Booking.com empire.  One of the largest car comparison sites on the planet.

Vroom Vroom Vroom – compare car rentals



DriveNow – compare car rentals


Home, House, Private Accommodation booking sites

Air BnB



Travel Deals / Travel Coupon Deals / Holidays Deals

And lastly, don’t forget holiday coupon deal sites!

There are plenty of travel deals on the market these days. PLENTY of them. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

Travel deals come from all sorts of forms.  From booking sites, online travel agents, travel agents, airlines, hotels…etc., as shown above.  The list goes on.

However, there are SPECIAL TRAVEL DEAL ONLINE SITES that have one-off special deals.

Please also check out these booking sites/travel deal sites – which have a multitude of offers, that off course incorporate a huge amount of travel deals.

Luxury Escapes




Trip a Deal

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