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How to check if your fare includes baggage

So, does your fare include baggage?

There are so many different fares these days, that sometimes consumers forget to look out for the important inclusions of the fare they purchased.

Many domestic or short-haul fares worldwide only include baggage as an option.  Most of these fares do not include baggage free of charge. Only as an extra.

One of these ‘inclusions’ is baggage So, when you’re in the booking process, please check:

  • Does your fare include baggage?
  • You need to check each and every time you book flights, if you’re taking luggage off course!
  • Check before you purchase.
  • You may need to purchase this as an extra.

Please don’t stress if you forget to add it on, on your initial purchase.  You can always add on later, or at the airport check-in.  Only thing is the airport will charge higher fees.


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