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Top 3 reasons for booking codeshare flights

Codeshare flights and how to use them to your advantage

Research your destination.  Then research if an airline offers a codeshare airline partner – basically another airline which also code-shares on their behalf.

  1. Codeshare flights can be cheaper 
    codeshare flights to your potential.  Use it to your advantage.  You could go on the same flight, at a much cheaper cost.
    I used it recently on a flight with my family to Vanuatu.  The Air Vanuatu (NF) flights were slightly higher.  I booked the Qantas (QF) codeshare flights for cheaper.  Booking tickets for a family of four, I saved roughly $100.  That’s $100 in my pocket.

  2. Increases Availability 
    If a particular flight is not available, research if there are codeshare flights.
      This opens up ‘more seating and more availability’ for the traveller.  For example, if a particular Qantas flight is booked out, and they have partnered with Emirates (EK) on a codeshare service, then Emirates may have seats on the same flight.
  3. A world of possibilities 
    Airlines worldwide join forces to codeshare each other’s flights, and opens up more opportunities on their networks.  They are used every day, all day, all around the world.
jlaatz / Pixabay

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