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Top 10 Tips on Backpacking the World


Backpacking the world can be one of the most rewarding life experiences.   

1. Make sure your ticket is changeable, and make sure it is valid for one year
Being a backpacker, your plans change constantly.  Ensure your ticket is changeable – preferably with a cost effective/cheap change fee.  And make sure your ticket is valid for a year, in case you need to extend.

2. Purchase a ’round the world’ ticket if you can and if you can afford it.
There are great RTW – round the world fares in the marketplace.  These fares allow you to have many stopovers.  

3. Buy a good branded, sturdy backpack.
Having a great backpack truly makes all the difference.  After all, it’s with you all the time!


4. Read up and research your destinations extensively.
To have a good solid plan on a long journey is paramount.  Research your destinations and you’ll be better prepared when you arrive.
A good way is to start here.


5. Pack light, but pack for every season
Especially if you’re travelling for over a year.  And seeing multiple countries with different climates.



6. Buy a very good travel guide.
A traditional travel guide book is the best. One that will maybe cover a whole area or continent (for instance, a guide on Europe. You don’t want to carry individual country books, it becomes too cumbersome and heavy.


7. Book at least the first 3 nights accommodation when arriving at your destination.
That way, you can have time to book the next few nights and so on.


8. Don’t be restricted to an itinerary.
You want to be carefree and adventurous. At the end of the day, there will always be somewhere to book.

9. Pick a hostel that is well-established, clean and efficient.
There are so many hostels around the world.  Most of them are brilliant.  The great thing about staying in a hostel is that you stay with like-minded people.

10. Be especially vigilant and aware at all times.  But don’t be paranoid.
Your travel safety and security is paramount.  Most backpackers travel for an extended time.  So plan well and plan to stay safe.
Read our very comprehensive travel safety and security post here.

Travel Crusaders!  Have an amazing travel hack or secret about this topic?  Please advise on any comments, photos, videos, reviews, recommendations or suggestions for this travel subject.

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