How to locate Contact Phone Numbers on an Airline website

Airline contact and how to locate them!

You maybe thinking, how easy is it to locate a phone number on an airline website?   Can it be that hard.

Sometimes it can seem impossible to locate an airline phone number.   And can be ultimately frustrating.   Why do they make it so difficult to locate on their website?

Phone numbers are generally located in any of the following pages – they can be worded in different terms:

Contact Us
Worldwide Offices
Worldwide Reservations
Customer Support
Need Help

its usually either at the top of the website (at the header) , or the bottom of the website (at the footer).  Rarely are they presented in the mid section of the site. 

These can be in the area of the airline’s website.  Which airline are you flying with?

Examples of ‘contact us’ positioning:


Cathay Pacific (CX) example:

Qantas Airways (QF) example:



American Airlines example (AA)

American Airlines example 2 (AA)

Delta (DL) example:

British Airways (BA) example:


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