Power Blog – Ticketing Time Limits, Changes to Flights, and Chargebacks

In this week’s power blog, we’re going to touch on Ticketing time limits, Flight Changes and Hotel Chargebacks

Ticketing Time Limits

Every airline has ticketing time limits.  If you’re booking flights online, most fares will be charged immediately.  There are some (sites have the functionality) fares you can put on hold.  With regards to booking and ticketing via travel agents, it depends which airline and fare you’re booked on.   Travel agents have the ability to hold flights for a number of days.   Although there are limitations these days too.

For example, an airline may have a standard 3 day ticketing deadline policy.
You can see more information on ticketing via pages here 
airlines – tickets and booking flights

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Flight changes    

Be prepared of the costs involved to change your flight.   The cost to change the flight will depend on when you actually change.   So most airlines and agents can only advise the exact cost when you make the change.  It could be minor or could be quite substantial.   Check out more information here airlines – airfares – flight changes.


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Did you know that you can chargeback (billback) the room bill to another credit card/payment?  Its called a chargeback or billback, using a ‘third party credit card’.  You can get a hotel to do a chargeback against a third party credit card.  So if you want to pay for someone’s stay,  you can pay on your behalf.


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